Artist: Aidan Baker with Claire Brentnall Album: Delirious Things

Delirious Things

Aidan Baker with Claire Brentnall
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Delirious Things is an exploration of Aidan Baker's interest in 80s-influenced cold-wave, shoegaze, and synth-pop from such recording artists as Factory Records' Durutti Column, Joy Division, and Section 25 and 4AD's Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil.


Combining song-oriented tracks with abstract interludes the primary instrument on Delirious Things is a 1980s Casio synthesizer rather than Baker's usual guitar though the synth is processed through his usual guitar effect pedals creating heavy layered washes of droning synth sounds overlaying electronic rhythms and pulsing bass lines. Baker is joined by guest vocalist Claire Brentnall (of the UK project Shield Patterns) whose voice is reminiscent of Liz Fraser and Kate Bush but still distinctly her own.

Format: Vinyl