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Artist: Mother - Album: I


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Artist: Mother | Album: I | Format: CD | Label: Consouling Sounds | Genre: Post-Black Metal

Additional notes: To be released mid December.

I is the first part of a trilogy.

I portrays the story of a protagonist trying to escape a perilous situation. Consoled by an appearance the protagonist views as his guidance, he looks for a way out. 

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered with the intention to portray the integrity and rawness of the story and musicianship. The album was recorded in prolonged takes and was kept as untouched as possible so listeners can hear the artist’s authenticity while playing. You can even hear amplifiers roaring and hissing when they slam and fade out. For the audio mix Mother worked together with Jeff Claeys, an atypical choice as he is not known as a metal producer. This choice was made in search of an honest and unique sound, purposefully trying to not fit the standard metal industry sound.

Format: CD