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Album: Interlude I (Milky Clear/Black Center/Gold Splatter) (Pre-order)

Interlude I (Milky Clear/Black Center/Gold Splatter) (Pre-order)

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Artist: Mother | Album: Interlude I | Format: Vinyl | Label: Consouling Sounds | Genre: Post-Black Metal

Additional notes: Exclusive indie store color, milky clear/black center/ gold splatter

To be released on 10 December 2021.

Created as a way to fill the emptiness between full albums, Interlude I: The Loving Care Of A Mother For A Child is a stand-alone piece, written within the same universe as I. The interlude tells a story of a mother figure guiding a protagonist, the listener, through a burdensome journey. Her guidance might seem helpful at first, but she has a manipulative, self interest buried underneath.

Format: Vinyl / 12"