Artist: WE STOOD LIKE KINGS - Album: Classical Re:Works

Classical Re:Works

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Neoclassical post-rockers We Stood Like Kings saw the light of day in 2011.
Almost a decade and 250 shows all over Europe later, this 4-piece piano-based band hailing from Brussels has become a reference act in live soundtracks to silent cinema, breathing new life into well-chosen masterworks of the seventh art.

Three movie concerts (BERLIN 1927, USSR 1926 and USA 1982) have shaped We Stood Like Kings’ story so far. Together, these form a vibrant trilogy portraying two empires already lost – pre-World War II Germany, the Soviet Union – and a
third one – today's consumerist society – that seems to be running headlong towards its own destruction.

New perspectives unfold as universes meet: in 2020, We Stood Like Kings launches a new concept entitled CLASSICAL RE:WORKS, revisiting works from the whole classical music era. What would Bach and Beethoven sound like if they lived
today and chose post-rock as their creative outlet?

You get the picture: We Stood Like Kings isn’t a band like any other. Every release is another opportunity to design new ways of blending their musical universe, now refined and textural, then epic and intense, with other art forms.
Format: Vinyl