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Darak Album: Darak


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Artist: Darak | Title: Darak | Label: Consouling Sounds | Format: 10" | Genre: Organic, Lo-Fi, Noisy

Amenra and Raketkanon shared a great deal of respect and appreciation for each other. A split release has already been testament to this. So why not team up and make some music together? Darak is the result of this, with members from both bands and members from Drums Are For Parades, creating something organic, lo-fi and noisy.
This 10" documents their demo tracks in an honest and raw fashion. The band unfortunately did not make it past the demo stage, but it would be a shame to keep this intriguing collaboration shelved.

This 10” comes with a drawing by Kristof J. Mondy & design by Le 7e Oeil.

Format: 10'' vinyl