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Artist: The Stone - Album: Kosturnice (Black Vinyl edition)

Kosturnice (Black Vinyl edition)

The Stone
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Artist: The Stone
Title: Kosturnice
Type: Full-length
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Format: CD
Genre: Black Metal

The Stone is back with their 9th full length album 'Kosturnice' 3 years after their previous album 'Teatar Apsurda'. Their new opus is a straight path towards unholy worshipping of demonic soundscapes filled with thunder roaming atmosphere. Throat grasping devil preaching hateful black metal is what you can expect on 'Kosturnice'. Unbelievable musicianship has been forged into this album and it is without a doubt the band's most outstanding output to date.

Not to forget to mention that besides 'Kosturnice' is a hell of a masterpiece the band also celebrates their 20 year anniversary under their current name The Stone and 25 years of existence in general. They are without a doubt one of the leading pioneers of Eastern European Black Metal.

Recommended if you like: Rotting Christ, Deathspell Omega, Blaze Of Perdition, Master's Hammer, Necrophobic, Aosoth, Corpus Christii, Varathron

Format: Vinyl