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Artist: Astral Winter - Album: Perdition II

Perdition II

Astral Winter
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Astral Winter is a Melodic Black Metal band from Tasmania, Australia and was the very first band that signed to Immortal Frost Productions back in 2009. Perdition II is the band’s 4thfull length album already and the follow up to their 2013 - 2ndfull length album Perdition I. The “Perdition” albums are a very calm and majestic piece of art that focus on the instrumental beauty of this particular genre. Perdition II is therefore written in the same line as its predecessor but with more magnificence so you can enjoy the journey with more ease.


Recommended if you like: Sacramentum Dissection Vinterland Wintersun Atra Vetosus Hammerstorm etc..


Release date: July31st 2020

Format: CD