Raya (Repress - Colored Vinyl)

Raya (Repress - Colored Vinyl)

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At the end of last year, Pothamus stormed the world with their debut album ‘Raya’! After having supported the band through the agency it followed naturally to have them included in the Consouling Sounds roster. So we are very proud to announce the Consouling edition of Pothamus' ‘Raya’.  
Repressed on colored vinyl, gatefold artwork including insert poster (60x30cm). 

We expect to ship the second half of April, when we have locked-in an exact ETA we will communicate this.



December 4th 2020 marks the official release of ‘Raya’, the debut album of Belgian sludge/postrock-band Pothamus. Three years of intensive writing and revising ultimately resulted in a conjuring and turbulent 50-minute journey, in which the musical and conceptual layers are indivisibly intertwined. Respectful for all that is ethereal, Pothamus molded their own cosmology building upon existing myths and meanings. Stormy riffs and tribalesque percussion answer to oriental chants and hypnotizing basslines. 

Pothamus’ overarching search for meaning was translated by visual artist Iljen Put. His artwork forms a whole that visually accompanied and inspired the band throughout the writing process. ‘Raya’ was recorded in the GAM studios (Waimes). The recording as well as the mixing process was done by producer Chiaran Verheyden (a.o. Psychonaut - Unfold the God Man). Mastering took place in MotorMusic (Mechelen) by Laurens Grossens. The album is released in cooperation with Consouling Agency.