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Poltrock & De Roover - Title: VACUUM
Poltrock & De Roover - Title: VACUUM


Poltrock & De Roover
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Artist: Poltock & De Roover | Album: VACUUM | Label: Consouling Sounds | Format: LP + Digital Binaural Mix | Genre: Electronic/Experimental/Immersive 

Additional information: Nature abhors a vacuum. In its emptiness, space offers a stage to ever battling primal forces striving to fill in the void. What often seems to be the natural state of things as they are, is a fragile equilibrium bearing only brief harmony. A sound. A movement. A bulk of light. It all shifts in the blink of an eye and finds a place of its own. But how does one resonate in this world of chaos?

VACUUM, a sound choreography with music by David Poltrock (Poltrock, De Mens) & Adriaan De Roover (Oaktree) with dance, video & quadrophone sound. 

The music from the performance is available as an album both digitally and on 12" vinyl 33 RPM available starting September 17. The physical album will appear on Consouling Sounds and includes a digital download of the binaural mixes. 

LP + Binaural Mix 

Sounds enter our left and right ears at different times. In addition, sound waves interact with the surrounding space and the shape of our human ears. The brain translates these miniscule interaural differences of time and strength in order to localize sound.

Binaural audio is based on stereo imaging techniques that replicate the way our ears perceive sound. Experimental audio engineers have tried for decades to reliably record and reproduce the sounds we hear, up to placing two microphones in ear-like cavities on either side of a stand or dummy head. 

When listening back on headphones, an orchestral recording of a binaural microphone placed between the musicians can fool the brain into believing it's hearing the sounds from within the orchestra.

It’s a different - and more complicated - story with music already recorded and mixed in stereo. In this case, the music must first be translated into a surround mix - employing multiple speakers to create a 360-degree field around the listener - or a dedicated binaural mix where the sound engineer places the sound in a binaural 360° sphere using state of the art digital technology.

For the binaural versions of our music, we used different techniques. Some tracks were (re)mixed on a 5.1 surround speaker system, and afterwards converted through software to a binaural stereo mixdown. Other tracks were directly mixed on headphones using software that supports binaural placement. 

As all binaural mixes, your downloadable tracks have the same digital format as a regular stereo mix (in this case 24bit 44.1kHz wav). However, some of our choices won’t translate well on speakers and should be enjoyed by a high quality pair of headphones. 


We used different DAW’s and software plugins including Pro Tools, Logic X, SPAT Revolution, DearVR and Soundmorph Dust. 


We hope you will enjoy your binaural mixes as much as we enjoyed experimenting.
Format: Vinyl